"local support device" go fund me page for continuous charity donations.

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"local support device" go fund me page for continuous charity donations.

Post by thellt » Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:22 am

hello everyone. i have taken the time to make a go fund me page for a vending machine to be placed somewhere in our town of fort collins colorado to collectivly over time gather resources for places like the boys and girls club and the humane society and many other noble causes.

the idea is i will buy soda or healthy sparkling beverages and i will load this machine weekly and sell the soda to people who need a drink. the mark up price for a typical vending machine sale is quite high. ive noticed cans going for a dollar or a dollar 25 cents. which is a rediculous mark up.

this is crazy profit.

a grocery store sells a 24 pack or a 32 pack for 7-10 dollars. if i sold sodas and beverages for even as low as 50 cents we would still return a minimum of a 1/3 return profit. cool if i can utalise this to dedicate entirely to helping others.

only problem is i need a vending machine to distribute cans. so. i have the idea of using the gofund me to directly purchase a machine and then use the remainder to benifit the people and animals. only thing i want to gain from it is having our logo placed on the machine.



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