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The Hellfire Team is a support network and gaming community, that can chat and connect thru discord, the forums, as well as on facebook and steam. and we do regular gaming most nights. -motto- "empower. build. support. survive. fight hell with the firepower to thrive." -mission:- we aim to empower others thru gaming, and content sharing, and community outreach by providing a support network and freinds who try to promote kindness and open minded thinking. -what?! hellfire?! obsurd!- contrary to our name, we arent about "hell" or anything dark for that matter. we aim to actually combat the "hell" we face in life by promoting each other during gaming, supporting others when they feel down, accepting others no matter their conditions, and fighting the hell that life gives us by having fun and building trust thru freindships. we want to build each other up while making a fun environment for people to socialize and do gaming together. -figting fire with what?- we fight the fires of hell with firepower by promoting our passions. no war is won without being passionate about your cause! our cause is to take the stigma away from disabilty, or mental illness, as well as to promote healthy relationships and bonds thru freindships. and to change the world just a little bit! -bring your loved ones!- we also like the idea of us all having a group or community. Bring family, freinds or romantic partners! they are all welcome. -why us?!- we want to give everyone a fighting chance at gaming without limits, titles, competition, scheduling, or rank. we are all equal here. so why not join a community that doesent emphasise on rank or skill, rather than a clan that does? we value that equality! we are supportive of everyone. all we ask is that you empower your bretheren and sisterhood thru supportive comments, and positivity rather than criticism or shame. give good feedback! promote positivity! fight hell! -do we have a discord server?- yes! its right here! -why, then, do we have the forums?- you get exclusive access to halo maps and other new content, as well as you can publicly talk about news and politics, and music and many other topics other than gaming. and publicly share your interests. discord is great for personal and gaming communication, forums are more for YOU to make a lasting statement about YOU! -who founded the hellfire team?- a bunch of college age coloradoans as well as a washington state dude, and a few 30 year olds in the eastern United States. -why?- because being disabled or being an out cast isnt a joke or a walk in the park, and we all know what being picked on is like. not okay. so we aim to change that. our founding admin has autism, his best friends are all on spectrum, and he also has freinds with traumatic brain injuries and post traumatic stress disorder. a couple have schizophrenia. we needed to feel comfortable in our youth and we didnt get that.... so NOW we owe the world the chance we didnt get or have growing up! we offer support and mentorship! -do you do other things than gaming?- yes. we laugh about memes, we share content we make online and we joke about random silly stuff, and we also will sometimes work on a homework assignment or two for college. we have a music bot for discord, and we often run it. also im getting my licence, and saving for tuition while tirelessly writing my website in pure html. -whats a chiperdillly?- an inter-universal overlord. he happens to take feline form of apperence when hes needed on earth for an earthly disguise to hide the fact that he also keeps the universe stable and in balance. he does this whilist supporting humanity as well as other worlds with sapient species. his goal is to support them with their struggles restore peace and love during the war eras. the admin of this site has taken it upon himself to raise a chiperdilly. earths chiperdilly has been credited to have saved his human companion from suicide. after earths chiperdilly was needed elsewhere he transfered back into his full form as the overlord. his human companion lost an incredible physical ally on earth. but this human still has chiperdilly existing within his heart and soul. so he decided to name the site after him.


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