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-advantageous blog- When I was little, I had always had a love for playing video games because it was fun. However, as I grew older, I didn't really take much joy in it; but for some reason, part of me could not move away from it. Playing video games goes far beyond entertainment purposes. It gives people a chance to immerse themselves into a world that is not their own and be someone they normally can't be. I realize I like to play games where I play as a legendary soldier (Halo) or a top tier captain sending my troops into battle (Starcraft.) My mom back then used to nag me to read a book or even watch a good T.V. show. I could never really immerse myself into those activities because it's like I have to watch someone else embark on amazing adventures or perform outstanding quests. With video games, we actually get a chance to step into different shoes and find out what it would be like for ourselves. This next reason we play video games is quite simple: we enjoy meeting new people. Most people start out as lone wolves or simply playing by themselves. As fun as it is to play on one's own, we cannot deny the experience can be much more rewarding when we find a buddy willing to accompany us to complete objectives. Humans are social creatures, but the sad truth is, many of us will have a very difficult time socializing in the real world that we end up turning to online friendships/relationships. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I've met countless great people online, complete opposites of many jerks that live near me. Furthermore, these people share one similar interest, and that is the game they meet on. I love to play halo because it is my favorite game franchise, but I have met some amazing people that I hold dear to me. And I hope one day I get the chance to meet them in real life. Now here's a darker reason why we enjoy video games: we like to win. No doubt that many people play just for fun. I myself am a casual player who just likes to play for fun, but I will get ticked off if I don't win at least one game. Whether it is a perfect game on Halo or a victory royale on Fortnite, winning gives us a pleasing feeling that we have accomplished something or contributed to a great cause. On the other hand, while we may shrug off a losing episode, too many of those may leave us concerned and even bitter about ourselves. Maintaining a positive attitude can be difficult the more you are put on teams where your teammates communicate about as effectively as chimps trying to figure out how to turn off the car. Nonetheless, winning isn't everything, so a couple of losses here and now should not mean anything. Let's face it; we get unlucky a lot of the times.