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-LEXUS LS 400 (alex) blog- This introduction will serve to explain to you what truly sets my blog apart from other automotive media. The truth is, the landscape of automotive journalism in the modern age is pretty pathetic. The reason being is, in my observations, most of the "automotive experts"-so they claim, went to University, and obtained a degree in something like History or Journalism. Don't believe me? Next time you see an article in Car and Driver, Motor Trend, or the garbage heap "Jalopnik", head over to Linkedin, and see these writers' real credentials. What you will find is that almost all of them never took any education in engineering or physics. Please understand I actually have immense respect for people who chose these paths of education. But a modern automobile is far too advanced for a non-engineer to fully understand. And I believe automobiles should not be reviewed by people who do not understand the physics and chemistry inherent within their engineering and design. Aditionally, a Mechanic or Technician, while familiar with automotive systems, will not understand the same aspects of automotive mechanical systems as a degreed engineer. This is because beyond what you may observe with the naked eye are various metal alloys that have different atomic lattices, different eutectic phase treatments in metallurgical physics, and incredibly complex Finite Element Analysis, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing requiring a Micrometer or even SEM to observe, and even such things as quantum wave superposition in NVH reduction. Finally, I will provide my credentials and ask for your trust in me as I take you deep into the automotive industry and its history, uncovering the TRUTH that the biased, ignorant media will not understand. And I hope to provide the reader an understanding of how and why the automotive industry is the way it is. My name is Alexander Joseph Larson. I have a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University at Fort Collins. Currently, having worked some odd jobs as an Operator in industries such as Silicon Microchip clean room photo lithography and Magpul AR15 plastic injection molding of accessories, I am returning to school for a second Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering with a minor in Business Administration. I plan on concentrating in business school on supply-chain management and Just-In-Time production. In Computer Engineering I plan on further developing my knowledge of automotive control network architectures such as CAN, MOST, and FlexRAY, and Linux and Java based programming. I was a former member of the CSU EcoCAR 3 Controls team, and have some experience with DSpace modeling and MAtlab Simulink.post their content, interests, and development.